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Do you want a dedicated marketing department at a fixed monthly price, adapted to your needs and financial capacity?

With our 'Your Marketing Department' service, you can hire our entire range of marketing resources as an in-house marketing department. We offer full flexibility and tailored customization of our services based on your unique needs and financial opportunities. Before starting work, we will arrange a 2-3 hour workshop in marketing strategy with you. In this workshop, we define your marketing goals, possible activities to achieve those goals, and a priority list of the most important and pressing tasks.

Our comprehensive service offering includes graphic design, web design, web development, website maintenance, content development, paid advertising, SEO, social media content, marketing consulting, as well as video and photo production. We act as your full-service marketing department, with the goal of amplifying your brand and maximizing your marketing impact. With 'Your Marketing Department' you get access to top-level expertise and resources, without the need for a large internal department.

Choose your own Marketing for hire plan

Free onboarding and no binding.

Ideal for startups and small businesses
$ 1500 / month
*Pause or cancel anytime
Get StartedBook a meeting
15 hours / month.
Marketing Strategy Workshop
Digital marketing
Graphic Design
Unlimited revisions
Website adjustments
Shared Project Management Tools -
Dedicated Marketing Consultant
Businesses with high needs
& > 5500 / month
*Pause or cancel anytime
Get StartedBook a meeting
*All the same as in base and growth +
> 65 hours / month.
Online Store
App development
Fast delivery
Photo & Video Production


Number of hours of work included per month.

15-17 hours

30-35 hours

> 45-50 hours

Extra work hour rate

$ 125 / hr.

$ 110 / hr.

$ 100 / hr.

Marketing Strategy Workshop


Shared project management on

Monthly report

Paid advertising

Graphic Design


Concept development



Priority support

Video Production

App development

Web development




Voss Murer

From local craftsman to premium brand — rebranding, strategy and website

KCA Deutag - Kenera

Kenera: Pioneers of sustainable industrial development


Where walls turn into art


Timeless visual identity and a seamless website experience
See all

Our strategic approach empowers your brand an advantage in a connected world



Before we start work, we do a thorough review of your goals and needs. This gives us an understanding of what will work best for your brand and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Next, we draw up a detailed strategy of procedure. We take into consideration your industry, target audience, and competitors to ensure our approach is targeted and effective.





Once the strategy is in place, we begin to implement our services. This includes everything from branding and design to marketing and development. Our team of experienced professionals makes sure everything runs as painlessly as possible.

During the implementation of our services, we will keep you updated on progress and ensure that you are involved in the decision-making process. We want you to feel confident that we are working towards your goals.





Once our services are complete, we will do a thorough review to ensure we have delivered on our promises. We will also provide you with tools to measure the success of your brand and continue to work towards your goals in the future.

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