Brand strategy

A solid strategic foundation to increase brand awareness

Brand strategy is about defining what should be the core of the brand and how it should be presented to the target audience. This involves drawing up a plan for how the brand should be positioned in relation to its competitors, how it should be communicated to the target audience and how it should be recognizable and distinct. For example, it may involve developing a unique brand personality, a clear message and a consistent visual identity that can be used in marketing. A branding strategy can help give the brand a clear and recognizable identity, as well as helping it stand out from competitors.


We have transformed the way they communicate their unique offering of murals by developing a brand strategy, a visual identity and a website that mirrors their innovative use of Wallpen printer technology.

Dialog Kompetanse

Dialog Kompetanse AS is a newly started company within sales courses and coaching. They wanted a comprehensive brand strategy, visual identity and digital presence to launch the business.

Smile Factory

Stylish and professional brand identity that reflects the clinic's high quality of the services they provide


Vilano is a wine hotel that offers professional storage of wine in premises with optimal storage conditions.
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Our strategic approach empowers your brand an advantage in a connected world



Before we start work, we do a thorough review of your goals and needs. This gives us an understanding of what will work best for your brand and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Next, we draw up a detailed strategy of procedure. We take into consideration your industry, target audience, and competitors to ensure our approach is targeted and effective.





Once the strategy is in place, we begin to implement our services. This includes everything from branding and design to marketing and development. Our team of experienced professionals makes sure everything runs as painlessly as possible.

During the implementation of our services, we will keep you updated on progress and ensure that you are involved in the decision-making process. We want you to feel confident that we are working towards your goals.





Once our services are complete, we will do a thorough review to ensure we have delivered on our promises. We will also provide you with tools to measure the success of your brand and continue to work towards your goals in the future.

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