Trends in commercial photography

In the world of marketing, there is a well-known truth: a picture says more than a thousand words. But the right photo can be worth a thousand conversions. Why?

Trends in Commercial Photography — Things Marketers Really Should Know

In the world of marketing, there is a well-known truth: a picture says more than a thousand words. But the right photo can be worth a thousand conversions. Why? Because in an era where digital marketing dominates, photography plays a crucial role in increasing turnover and strengthening the brand.

Bright, saturated colors

In our visually saturated culture, the first step to capturing attention is strong, saturated colors. These colors can create emotional reactions that connect consumers to a product or service. For example, Coca-Cola Co. have mastered the art of using rich, saturated red tones in their product images, making their bottle images instantly recognizable.


With information overload in all channels, minimalism offers a respite. It provides a clear, clean design that focuses on the product or service, and allows the marquee to speak for itself. Brands such as IKEA often uses individual product images in natural but minimalist settings to highlight the product's function and design.

Image by ©Lumir
Image by ©Lumir

Film aesthetics

Even in a digital age, the classic film aesthetic can give images a timeless quality. This appeals to both the nostalgia of older people and the craving for authenticity of young people, and can increase turnover by attracting a wider demographic. For example, the fashion house has Gucci in some of its campaigns used film aesthetics, which gave the pictures a timeless and at the same time modern quality.

Image by ©Lumir
Image by ©Lumir

Authenticity in images

At a time when consumers are increasingly skeptical, authentic images can serve as a reliable source. Photos of real employees or “ordinary people” can create a deeper connection and trust in the brand. Levi's have repeatedly used real people and natural surroundings in their marketing images, giving authenticity and relatability to the brand.

Drone photography

This gives a new angle to storytelling. The tourism industry, in particular Maldive Resorts, uses drones to capture the island's attractive overview images. This gives potential customers a richer understanding of what to expect and helps create a sense of longing to visit the place. It is a direct invitation to “see for yourself” through the eyes of a drone.

Image by ©Lumir

Storytelling through pictures

A strong image can tell a whole story. It engages the consumer, creates an emotional response, and can lead to increased recognition of your business among the audience. National Geographic has long mastered this technique, in which each photo tells a unique story of people, animals or places.

Image by ©Lumir

The importance of data in the selection of images

With access to detailed data, marketers can now more efficiently select images that have the most impact, optimize campaigns and increase ROI.

Integration of photographs with other marketing elements

Seamless integration of images with video, graphic design and written content can create a holistic marketing strategy that Strengthens the brand across all platforms.

The understanding of the power of images in a marketing campaign cannot be underestimated. In this dynamic digital age, the right use of photographic trends such as strong colors, minimalism, film aesthetics and authenticity can create an immediate and lasting connection with the audience of your business. But it's not enough to just follow the trends; the true art lies in understanding your specific target audience, interpreting the data correctly, and integrating those insights into a holistic marketing strategy. So while technology and trends will continue to change, the power of a well-captured image will always remain timeless. Discover, customize, integrate and above all - tell your story through photos, with Lumir.

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