Visual Identity — What is it and why is it important?

Visual identity is a set of visual elements that are associated with a business or an organization.

What is visual identity?

Visual identity is a set of visual elements that are associated with a business or an organization and that are used to provide a visual representation of its identity.

This can include elements such as logo, colors, typography, images, and design elements, all of which are carefully selected to present your business in a consistent and unique way.

How do you create a visual profile?

To create a strong and visual identity, one should first identify the company's values and attitudes, as well as its target audience and competition.

Then, one can use this information to select the visual elements to be included in the identity, such as colors, typography, images, and design elements.

It is important that these elements are well chosen and well known, so that they can help create a clear and recognizable visual profile. Ensuring that identity is consistent over time and across different platforms is central to making it easier to remember and recognise.

Visual identity - a set of design elements

Colors and typography

Colors and typography play an important role in a visual identity, as they can help convey a specific message and create an emotional response in the target audience.

For example, colors can influence how a brand is perceived, and can help create a particular mood or feeling. For example, red can signal energy and vigor, while blue can signal security and stability.

Typography, or the font used in a visual identity, can also affect how the brand is perceived. A formal and serious font can help signal professionalism and trustworthiness, while a more playful and casual font can signal creativity and innovation.

The choice of color and typography should therefore be done carefully, so that they support the desired message and help create a recognizable and credible visual identity.


A logo is an important element of a business's visual identity. It gives a first impression of the business and can help differentiate it from other businesses competing in the same market.

A well-designed logo can help build trust, create positive associations and strengthen brands.

Therefore, it can be important to spend time designing a logo that is unique and at the same time reflects the company's values in its visual profile.

Design elements

What is it?

Design elements are the basic building blocks used to create a visual design. This can include elements such as color, among others, as we mentioned earlier, but also shape, texture and space. These elements are often used together to create a harmonious and effective design that can convey a message or idea.

Design Elements Affect Visual Identity — How?

Form refers to the physical shape of an object or figure in a design. This can be a square, a circle, a triangle or something else. In logos and on web pages, you can often see repeating shapes that follow the visual identity of the company.

Shapes can also be changed through perspective, light, and shadow to create depth and visual interest.

Texture refers to the physical surface of an object or figure in a design. This can be a smooth texture, a rough texture, a soft texture or something else. Texture can help create interest and depth in a design, and can also help emphasize a message or emotion.

Space refers to the space or visual space in a design. This can be the total space used in a design, or it can be the space around an object or figure. Space can be used to create emotions such as proximity and distance, and can also help create a visual hierarchy in a design.

These three elements - form, texture and space - are essential building blocks of any visual design


Images can affect a visual identity in several ways. The images can range from logos and product images to more general images that show who the company is and what it stands for.

First, images help to give a visual identity a clearer expression and create stronger associations. This can be important to differentiate a business and to ensure that their message and profile comes across more clearly.

Second, images affect how a visual identity is perceived by the receiver. Third, images can influence how a visual identity develops over time. By using different images in different contexts, a business, organization or person can convey different aspects of their identity, and in this way the images can help develop and change their identity over time.

Is visual identity important? Yes, if you want to strengthen your position

Whether a visual identity is important is about what you or your business want to achieve.

For companies, a visual profile can create a clear and recognizable brand, which, among other things, can help strengthen the company's reputation, position in a market, as well as build trust with customers and partners.

Visual identity can help convey a company's values and attitudes in a consistent way, which can help create a strong bond between the brand and existing and potential customers.

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